Rootwell Standard - 2in x 18in

Item #: RW30

Product Information
One of the major benefits of the ROOTWELL is the ability to bring oxygen down to the roots. However, you may manually water and feed your plant through the removable 1" opening at the top of the ROOTWELL **The quantity of water to apply should be determined by your local nursery or plant specialist. The same holds true for fertilizers.
See R&R Irrigation section in this catalog for more information.
Designed for trees. Smaller in diameter, this is the economical version of the Pro model. Units measure 2" in diameter and 18" in height.
  • Brings oxygen to the roots
  • Designed for trees
  • Engineered for maximum open surface area
  • Units measure 2" in diameter and 18" in height
  • Diameter2 in
  • Length.18 in
  • R&R Product IDRW30
  • Mfr Model #RW30
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